You may set any PIN code via E-PIN service to your new card you have obtained from Xalq Bank. Service and security of transactions is fully ensured. The service is free.

Usage of E-PIN service is possible at webpage or at Xalq Bank’s ATMs.  

PIN set via webpage:

  • Customer clicks on link https://reg.azericard.com/pin_xalq and enters necessary card information. (16 digits on the card, expiry date and CVV code);

  • An encyrpted code will be sent to cardholder’s mobile phone number (For example: 1**524*14*);

  • Then customer will type a chosen PIN Code for the card in the place of stars in the code entered via SMS in the next panel and will add it in “Completed numeric order” box. (For example.: When a new Pin code 8888 is assigned, 1885248148 is typed);

  • PIN Code is successfully set.

Assignment of PIN Code via ATM:

  • Once a card ordered, a temporary PIN Code will be sent to card holder’s mobile phone number;

  • Customer has to choose E-pin section by inserting the plastic card into Xalq Bank’s ATM;

  • Then customer will enter temporary PIN code;

  • After that, customer will enter a chosen new PIN code in a panel appeared;

  • Customer will re-enter newly assigned PIN code;

  • PIN Code is successfully set.